Practical mystery

Down to earth and authentic living

This life is an extraordinary special and ordinary experience. Maybe you finally discover this human adventure: Being a Human Experience. Where you recognize the dynamics of body and mind in daily situations. Insight and reflection about your true nature and what nutrition, energy, challenges, mind-set, humor, balance, self-reflection and joy all have in common.

Put this practical mystery in practice dealing with your body, mind, surroundings and others.

The Mind

Whatever you do, it’s up to you to not take the mind too seriously.

When you are not in a sleep mode, you might think that you have control (free will) on the mind. And that’s fine, as long as you don’t take it too literally.

Thoughts arising are a sign of good health. It shows that you are not apathetic in life. Your mind is alert and can’t help trying to understand how everything functions. Especially the why and how of life’s meaning and purpose.

The mind can’t be still, even when the body is resting. In your sleep it just continues to create thoughts and dream images without you being able to control it.

‘Hello!’ says the body to the mind, ‘There is no-one here.’ And the mind says to the body: ‘I am here!’

It can be quite a challenge learning how to deal with it’s tireless qualities. But when you just let it do it’s thing it offers infinite possibilities. When you see that this mind function is a game in which you are continuously participating. And you can not win or lose here, only learning to surf on it’s whimsicality and speed.